On Friday, September 16th and on Monday, September 19th, our school will be running Strong Connections. Strong Connections is an opportunity for students and teachers to get to know each other early in the year. Strong Connections will involve some informal assessment, in order to best plan for classroom instruction. This event also includes visits to a variety of fun stations, including Art, Music, Phys. Ed. etc. All of the activities are intended to help build a strong foundation for a positive relationship between the child and the teacher.
Please note that your child will attend either Friday or Monday, but not both days. We have planned for all siblings come on the same day, so you can plan your family schedule as well. We will let you know which day your child will attend as soon as possible. Please consider adding the school email address to your address book, so our emails do not go to your “Junk” folder. We look forward to a positive start to the year and Strong Connections helps us to accomplish that.

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