Placing your child in the right class for next year is a very important decision. That is why our staff carefully and systematically make the classes each year. We consider many factors when we do this, such as your child’s age, friendships, social skills, academic ability, gender, language ability, special needs, etc. There are many factors that are taken into account. We also carefully consider the match between the child and the teacher, since we know this relationship is the key to learning.

So, we do take the process very seriously and we do our best to make balanced classes across the classrooms. However, if you have a strong educational reason for why your child should be with a specific teacher for next year, please give the office a call or send an email, no later than April 28, to make your request known. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however, it will depend on how many requests are received.  After April 28, we will not likely make any changes to our class lists, so please be aware of that deadline.

Thanks for your trust and your feedback as we begin to prepare for next year’s classes.

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