As we approach the final stretch of the school year, I would like to remind everyone of how important these last few weeks are.  We are approaching the time of the year when teachers will take a close look at what your child has accomplished as a learner.  This takes hours of observation, conversation and reflection on their work.  It is very important that your child is present each day so that we can do a proper job of the assessment process.  Once the assessment is completed, teachers will write final report cards for each child.  The final reports will be sent home on June 30.

The class lists have now been created for next year.  Our office is starting to process the new classes and to set up everything for next year in our system.  We will communicate which class your child will be in next year in the final report card which will be sent home on June 30.

We look forward to the final few weeks of school together!

Dale Martens


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