On Friday, Sept. 15 and Monday, Sept 18 we will have our Strong Connections event.  Strong Connections is about connecting students with their teachers.  The primary purpose is relationship building, because we know that students need a healthy connection to their teacher in order to learn at school.  On these two days, your child will attend one of them.  By having half of the students attend each day, we are able to facilitate some quality time for your child and their teacher.

The schedule for Strong Connection days looks different than a regular school day.  The buses all keep running at the same times, so don’t worry about that.  However in the school we structure the day differently.  First, we start with half of our students in the building.  Then, we divide each class in half once again, so now the teacher has a quarter of the class for the morning and the other quarter of the class in the afternoon.  When the students are in class with their teacher, they will be doing a variety of activities that the teacher has planned.  These may include learning to use iPads, various learning stations, talking with the teacher, etc.  The teacher will connect with the students and gather some assessment information as needed.

When the students are not in the class, they will participate in a variety of fun learning stations including Phys. Ed, Music, Computer lab, Art and Library.  Each station will last for 30 minutes, so all students will get to experience all the stations.

We look forward to Strong Connections once again.  Our office will be in touch very soon, so you will know which day your child should attend.  Please give us a call if you have any questions.

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