On Wednesday, Sept 27 at 1:15 pm,  we will hold our Terry Fox assembly in the gym.  The actual run is the following day, on Thursday, Sept. 28.  Our Phys. Ed. teachers have been busy preparing for this event and it should be a very meaningful and fun experience for our kids.  We have put forth a fundraising challenge to the students, so that the event can generate a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation, which has done a lot to support cancer research around the world.  We have set the challenge at $500.00, which should be easily attained if most kids bring a “Toonie (or a loonie) for Terry”.  Of course, fundraising is always optional for parents, so any support is appreciated, but please don’t feel pressured.

The fun twist to this challenge is that if the school meets the $500.00 goal, then Ken Friesen (PE) and Dale Martens (Principal) will get “slimed” in front of the entire school in the assembly! This will get a little messy, but what great fun we will have!  So, please feel free to support this meaningful event and, as always, parents are welcome to join us for the assembly.  The assembly will also include the Terry Fox Story, some singing and hopefully a guest speaker to share their story of how cancer has impacted their life.  Thanks for your support!

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