We are looking forward to sharing our K-2 Christmas concert with you.  We will host morning and evening concerts again this year.  The morning concert is at 9:30 am,  in the gym.  The evening concert is at 7:00 pm.  At the evening concert, parents are asked to not have their children watch the concert after their part is finished. All of the children will have already seen the concert at school during the dress rehearsal. Students can remain in their class with their teacher until you pick them up.

The general format of the concert will be as follows;

1. Kindergarten classes

2. All Grade 1 classes

3. All Grade 2 classes

There will be very short breaks after each part of the program, in order to allow people to come and go as needed.

A few notes about the Christmas Concert:

Arrival time: The gym will be opened at 6:30 PM for parents to find a seat.  We should have ample seating this year since only our K-2 students are performing.  The students should be sent to their classrooms at 6:40 PM, so they can settle in and prepare for the evening.

When the children arrive we request that parents or siblings do not stay in the classroom. This is the time when children are lined up according to their places on the stage, and this goes most smoothly if students are able to give the teachers their undivided attention.

We look forward to another great concert.  We hope you and your family can join us!

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