Over the last number of years we have had to either alter or cancel our Winter Fun Day due to cold or inclement weather. A lot of planning and work goes into these days, so it is always unfortunate to cancel them. This year we are trying something slightly different and less structured in hopes that it will work better for everyone.

We will continue with the covered wagon ride, hot cocoa and a hot dog lunch on Friday January 24th since these activities are not weather dependent. For all other outdoor activities, teachers will be able to take their students out sometime during the week as weather permits. Students will still enjoy activities like dogsled races, fort building, etc just like they used to.

With this new format, parents will not need to take their time to attend the event as they have done in the past. We hope to try the new plan this year and then to evaluate how the event went. We look forward to some Winter fun this month!

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