I hope you are all staying well. By this time you have most likely heard the news that all HSD schools are moving into the Red Level on Tuesday, Nov. 24. This news was just as sudden for us as it was for you yesterday. We did have a preliminary plan in place for the Red Level, but we are now working on fleshing it out and pivoting as needed. I cannot thank our staff enough for their ongoing commitment to our students. Their professionalism is so appreciated.

Most students will receive remote learning lessons at home starting on Tuesday. This will start slowly, with some initial testing of the technology, just to make sure teachers are able to connect with students at home. Then, as we move through the week, we will move forward step by step together. It will take a little while for teachers to have all the pieces up and running, so please be patient with us all and refer to the South Oaks website (Home Learning link in the top right corner) for some preliminary activities to get you started at home, until we are up to full speed here.

The teachers have been asked to plan and implement a remote learning program. Please keep in mind that remote learning is more complex and demanding than in person learning. It just takes more time and effort to teach and learn remotely, so we just have to move more slowly. The students who attend the school will receive much the same program. The major difference will be that they will be led by staff, instead of parents at home. Students at school will also continue to participate in PE, Music and recess times.

At the school, we will be accepting students whose parent(s) are Critical Care Workers. The definition of Critical Care workers includes;
• Health/Health Services Workers
• Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education Providers (all teachers, administrators, and support staff)
• Child Care Workers
• Law Enforcement
• Corrections Workers
• Fire and Paramedic First Responders
• Direct Social Services and Child Protection Workers
Additional critical services workers may include people who provide critical services to Manitobans, such as front-line natural resource workers, gas station attendants, and grocery store staff.

In addition, we are also able to continue with many students with special needs and students deemed to be “at-risk” by school staff. We are nearing the completion of the list of students who qualify for in-school learning and will contact those families to confirm asap.

In the meantime, please continue directing general questions to the COVID hotline (just call the school and select #1 from the menu). The more complex questions will be directed to our office by the COVID hotline.

Dale Martens

in: General