Remedial Literacy Instruction

All students at South Oaks have the opportunity to engage in a high-quality classroom literacy program. Most students (80-90%) get underway in reading and writing; some students, however (10-20%), for a variety of reasons, experience difficulty in the classroom programs. These students receive assistance through early intervention programs like Reading Recovery, or Small Group Literacy Instruction.

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is an early, short-term intervention program for six year old students who after instruction in a Kindergarten or Grade One classroom program are finding the transition into literacy learning very difficult.  The program, developed by Dr. Marie Clay, is based on extensive research into the learning process and how young students learn to read and write. The goal of Reading Recovery is to enable these initially at risk students to make accelerated progress and become competent readers and writers in approximately 12-20 weeks. The lessons are designed to build on the strengths of the students, who receive daily, individual 30 minute lessons with a trained Reading Recovery teacher.  Success for all Reading Recovery students depends on support from classroom teachers, parents and administrators, as well as the Reading Recovery specialist.  The Reading Recovery teacher at South Oaks School is Lisa Johnson.

Small Group Literacy Instruction

Small Group Literacy Instruction is available at South Oaks for grade one to four students who are significantly below grade level in their reading and writing skills.  These children receive extra literacy instruction in pullout groups of up to six students.  The classes are usually 30 minutes per day, and are led by literacy teachers.  The groups are reading level based and flexible; consequently, there is regular regrouping as skill levels require.  As students approach grade level expectations in reading and writing they are transitioned out of the literacy instruction groups.  The small group literacy teacher at South Oaks is Carol Hill.


A number of students at South Oaks experience difficulties in literacy acquisition due to learning disabilities. Those grade 4 students who had diagnosed learning disabilities in the area of literacy are eligible for the F.A.S.T. (Foundations of Analysis, Synthesis and Translation) program. This is a one to one program implemented by Carol Hill. Students receive individualized instruction for 30 minutes a day, for 10-12 weeks.