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Fall Fun with Pumpkins

A couple of our classes had lots of fun this October with several pumpkin activities!

In 2CE, Mrs. Enns had her students, with help from some parent volunteers, create mouse houses from their pumpkins and write short stories of how the mice came to live there. Then Mrs. Enns read the story “Mousekin’s Golden House” about a little mouse who lives in a pumpkin for the winter.

4AP did some pumpkin math. They estimated the width and weight of pumpkins, then measured and weighed the pumpkins to see how close their estimates were. Of course, there was also scooping out the gooey insides and counting the seeds!

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New South Oaks Website

South Oaks Elementary School is pleased to announce that we have launched our new website. The new site is mobile responsive, adds new features, and provides opportunities for expanded content delivery. We trust that you will find the navigation intuitive and enjoy your browsing experience. We’re still tweaking and fixing things here & there, so we appreciate your patience, particularly within the first few days of launch. If you encounter an error, please know we’re on it and all should be… Read More

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