Unfortunately, due to the circumstances of the past year, the South Oaks Parent Advisory Council (PAC) has not been able to work alongside the South Oaks School staff as much as we usually would. We have also been limited to the activities we are usually involved in, however we have still been able to meet as a committee a couple of times and continue to discuss issues & concerns pertaining to the school.  Hopefully this year will be more “normal”.


The purpose of the PAC is to:

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the school

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the Hanover School Division

● Discuss matters that are of concern to parents of South Oaks students

● To provide moral and financial support for educational programs which enhance or enrich the curriculum

In a normal year, we meet 4-5 times per school year to discuss these issues and others with our principal, Mr. Dale Martens, and the staff representative, Mr. Craig Froese.  We assist at special events (Winter Fun Day, Spring Picnic, etc) as needed, with fundraising events and the occasional special project at the school.  If you are interested in being involved at the school, please do let us know.


This year the PAC is comprised of the following members:

  • Teresa Wiens (Chair) – teresawiens3@gmail.com
  • Randy Fast (Vice-President and Treasurer) – randalfast@hotmail.com
  • Michelle Penner – mrpenner26@gmail.com
  • Samuela Isenschmid Reimer – chris.samuela@gmail.com
  • Craig Froese (teacher) and Dale Martens (Principal) are also part of the team

If anyone has questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact any of the above parents or the principal at the school.  Thanks for trusting us to represent the parent community at South Oaks once again.