Teresa Wiensttwiens@xplornet.com
Randy Fastrandalfast@hotmail.com
Lorraine Wienslorraine@wiensworks.com
Jon Rempelrempel08@mts.net

The purpose of the PAC is to:

● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the school
● Discuss matters that are relevant to education in the Hanover School Division
● Discuss matters that are of concern to parents of South Oaks students
● To provide moral and financial support for educational programs which enhance or enrich the curriculum

We usually meet 4-5 times per school year to discuss these issues and others with our principal, Mr. Dale Martens, and the staff representative, Mr. Craig Froese. This year the PAC was comprised of the following 5 members:

● Lorraine Wiens (President)
● Randy Fast (Vice-President and Treasurer)
● Teresa Wiens (Secretary)
● Jon Rempel

Some of the ways the PAC have been involved this past year include:

● Winter Fun Day (preparing & serving the hot lunch, funding for the Sleigh ride)
● The spring “World’s Finest Chocolate” fundraiser (helping with the distribution of chocolates)
● Teacher Appreciation Lunch (organizing & serving the lunch)
● School Picnic (June 2018) – (funding for the bouncy castles & preparing the hot lunch)

If any parent has questions, suggestions or concerns for the PAC to address please feel free to forward them to any one of the members. We will also have an opening for a new member next year. If you or someone you know is interested in joining please get in touch with us.