For your children’s school supplies next year, we will once again have teachers purchase quality supplies in bulk during the summer. This helps all students to have high quality supplies at school for the whole year and promotes equity in the classroom.

So, how does this work? This year, we will wait until August to request payment. The school will charge a $50.00 fee for school supplies to your Parent Portal account on August 22. The deadline for paying the fee is the day school begins, on September 7. This gives each family sufficient time to pay at their convenience. Parents can pay online anytime or at the office, with cash or cheque, during office hours.

For the start of school, parents please send a backpack, shoes, lunch kit, a box of Kleenex and headphones for their child(ren) and we take care of all other school supplies.

Please call our office at 204-434-6165 if you have any questions, anytime starting August 24.  Thanks and enjoy your summer.