• We are an early years school with approximately 365 students enrolled in kindergarten to grade four.
  • Approximately 19% of our school population speaks English as an Additional Language – EAL.
  • Our staff and students come from Canada as well as a variety of European, South American and Asian countries!
  • A teaching staff of 21 in full and part-time positions.
  • A support staff of 18, including Head Secretary, Secretary, Librarian, 12 Educational Assistants and 3 Custodians.
  • EAL/language, literacy, numeracy and learning disability intervention programs.
  • Extra-curricular – voluntary choir for students in grades three and four.

At South Oaks We Believe…

  • We are proud members of the Grunthal community! We play an important part in the future of this community and we do our best to ensure that students know about the importance of citizenship, good character and serving in their community.
  • We believe our world needs more kindness. We believe people need to feel safe. We believe that learning is an incredibly meaningful part of our lives. Therefore, we strive to teach our students to be “Safe Kind Learners”.
  • Deeper Learning in an educational lens which takes the foundational skills that have been taught for many years (reading, writing, mathematics), and extends them to enrich a student’s ability to be a competent problem solver who can deal with life’s challenges successfully. Our hope is that our students will be prepared for the future with all skills, knowledge, values and dispositions they will need.
  • Our work begins with a positive image of all children as valuable, unique, playful, imaginative, creative and full of wonder. As a school community, we desire well-being and belonging for all. We value kindness, diversity and collaboration. We strive to build the competencies of all learners.
  • Well-being is the foundation for learning. Well-being is rooted in healthy and caring relationships, but also includes an active and healthy lifestyle, resilience and multiple ways to flourish. We strive to promote well-being in all that we do.