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Red Level Update for Parents

I hope you are all staying well. By this time you have most likely heard the news that all HSD schools are moving into the Red Level on Tuesday, Nov. 24. This news was just as sudden for us as it was for you yesterday. We did have a preliminary plan in place for the Red Level, but we are now working on fleshing it out and pivoting as needed. I cannot thank our staff enough for their ongoing commitment… Read More

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Updated Orange Level Plans – Nov. 4

The province has announced that we are moving to the Orange Level in all Manitoba schools. We have a plan for the Orange Level in place. Staff will review plans on Monday, Nov. 2 and then we will spend the week preparing as needed, with the intent of implementing the Orange Level plans the following week. The main aspect of the Orange Level is striving for 2 meters of Physical Distancing for as much of the day as possible. See… Read More

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COVID-19 Response in K-12 Schools

As we are starting to see a few students with symptoms at times, it is important that we all understand the guidelines from the province. The document COVID-19 Response in K-12 Schools (p. 5), speaks to a scenario where a child shows symptoms of COVID-19. Among the list of possible responses, it notes; ■ If they have had COVID-19 symptoms and tested negative for COVID-19, they can return to school/ child care 24 hours after symptoms resolve. If they do not get tested, they should… Read More

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