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To create a positive school environment, which promotes well-being and learning.

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Islands of Sanity

At a meeting recently, I heard the phrase, “Islands of Sanity”. This phrase caught my attention, as it was new to me. What does this mean, do you think? We all know how crazy life is these days. We have all been affected personally by the profound disruptions in the world. If we are not very deliberate about our well-being, we risk our own health in the long term. How can we counteract the negative effects on us and the… Read More

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Willing to be Disturbed

In September, our staff reviewed a chapter from Margaret J Wheatley’s book; Turning to One Another – Simple Conversations to Restore Hope for the Future. The chapter is called, “Willing to Be Disturbed“. I found the reading to be relevant and thought provoking, so I wanted to share parts of it with you. Here are some highlights (quotes in italics); “We weren’t trained to admit we don’t know. Most of us were taught to sound certain and confident, to state our opinion… Read More

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Together . . . We Did It!!

As the 2020-21 school year draws to a close, I am reflecting on all the times we have heard, “We can do this . . . if we work together”. In fact, we have heard this so often that we get tired of it sometimes. Well, today I would like to celebrate being on “the other side” of this statement. Today, I can honestly say, “Together . . . .we did it!”. In September, we worked together to rethink how… Read More

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