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A Great Month to Read!

I am writing this on a day when schools are closed due to the extreme cold weather. It is very easy to get a little bored when we are staying inside due to storms and cold weather. This is why February is perfect for I Love to Read Month. Reading is the best activity when everything outside is frozen! However, a few other benefits also come to mind. Since mental health has become extremely important for us and our loved ones,… Read More

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Language; the Key to Literacy

What do speaking and listening have to do with Literacy? This year, our staff had the pleasure of spending a day with a HSD Reading Clinician, Allison Aitken, to explore “Phonological Awareness and Phonemic Awareness”, as these are important elements of language learning. What we learned was very important, and a little surprising, so I wanted to share this with all parents. Phonological awareness is related to the knowledge and skills kids have with oral language. Phonemic awareness is about the knowledge and… Read More

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A Productive Struggle

As we all know, there are plenty of struggles these days. At South Oaks, we are focusing on “pandemic recovery” of the academic gaps caused by COVID. We are also trying to attend to the social emotional recovery of our students from the pandemic experience. Recovering can be a challenge and it requires a lot of patience and hard work. Recently, I came across an article by Diane Benson Harrington called, “Productive Struggle; what it is and how to achieve… Read More

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