At a meeting recently, I heard the phrase, “Islands of Sanity”. This phrase caught my attention, as it was new to me. What does this mean, do you think?

We all know how crazy life is these days. We have all been affected personally by the profound disruptions in the world. If we are not very deliberate about our well-being, we risk our own health in the long term. How can we counteract the negative effects on us and the people we love? One idea is to create spaces where things are somewhat normal and OK for us. These are our “Islands of Sanity”.

For me, the school can be a very busy place at times, but it is also a refuge. There have been many challenges over the past few years, but the staff, students and parents we work with often provide a good dose of sanity! I am grateful for the kind and caring relationships that exist on staff and also with our students and parents.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas break and that you can enjoy your own “island life” with those you love.


Merry Christmas!

Dale Martens


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