Years ago, I was given a simple homemade gift by one of our students. It is a simple wall plaque, with the word “Hope” written in twine. The significance of the plaque is that the student who gave it had major physical disabilities that will last for his lifetime. I thought, if he and his family could find hope in such a challenging situation, perhaps we can all find hope when things are difficult in our lives.

Where do we see hope these days? Perhaps it is in the possibility of living without COVID restrictions soon. Perhaps it is in the fact that Spring is drawing closer each day and that soon we will be out of the deep freeze (and have fewer school closures!!). Maybe your hope comes from spending time with friends and family or snuggling with your dog or cat on a quiet evening. Maybe hope is found in a faith that carries you during tough times. Perhaps it is all of the above and then some!

As this year keeps moving on, I am very hopeful that we are approaching better days ahead. Our school and our community are definitely ready for this! However, no matter what happens, I will always remember the many students, staff and parents who did their best to ensure that South Oaks continues to be a positive and hopeful place to learn. Thank-you for preserving hope in our school community!

Dale Martens


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