I hope the holidays have been a time of rejuvenation and reconnection with your kids, family and friends! These breaks are so important to recharge and prepare for the next part of the year. What we are doing as parents and teachers is not easy! It is challenging work, but it is also the best work in the world, in my opinion. We are doing our best to prepare the children for their future, while helping them deal with their past. This can be an enormous task, so we really need each other on this journey.

Perhaps in the past year, you have had some difficult times. To quote children’s author, Judith Viorst, perhaps you are all too familiar with a “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”. If that is the case, then let the school know how we can help. We realize that we can’t fix everything, but if there are things that affect your child’s school engagement, we want to know about them as we do have a number of resources that are available to help with specific needs and challenges. Just call our office or ask your child’s teacher to direct you as needed.

We have all been through some “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days” over the past few years. These times have impacted all of us. However, with the beginning of the New Year, my hope for all of us is to have a fresh start. A fresh start to work collaboratively, value the relationship between school and home, practice patience, humility and kindness as we seek what is best for the children, communicate our ideas and concerns, listen actively to each other, build trust and safety in our interactions, etc. I am looking forward to a great year at South Oaks school.

Happy New Year,

Dale Martens – Principal

in: General