There is a certain spark that happens when we collaborate on a project. Our staff, on their own, could not make big projects a reality. Parents, on their own, would struggle in the same way. The school division also has their own financial limitations. However, when all parties come together for a common goal, amazing things can happen for our kids.

For several years, I have wanted to gift our students (and the community) with a special piece of playground equipment called an “Apollo”. I have seen this equipment on another playground and it is wonderful. After 10 years, the students still love it and it has been totally reliable and safe. We have talked about this in PAC meetings, but the cost was always out of reach. However, I am noticing that now may be the right time to pursue this project.

As you probably know, the budget and staffing cuts over the past few year have been difficult for us. I must commend our staff for their willingness to live within our financial means. As a result of this good stewardship, I have been able to start saving our fundraising dollars for a larger project. The fundraising dollars from this year will be added to this savings. Together we can make our playground even better for our students and for the community. See below for further details.

Dale Martens


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