A couple of weeks ago, South Oaks received some very good news. Thanks to increased provincial funding for 2024-25, our school will see 1.5 additional teaching positions next year!! This is the best news we have received in a long time and we are excited about it.

I want to thank everyone who has worked hard to keep the school functioning in an effective and professional manner this year, despite the lean staffing. Thanks to parents for understanding when changes needed to be made to some programming. Thanks to our Learning Support team for taking on additional roles in Literacy Support, Music and Phys. Ed. Thanks to classroom teachers for teaching with larger class sizes (while having more empty rooms in the building). Thanks to our EA staff who worked hard to support the teachers and students amidst the cut backs. Thanks to everyone for making this year the best possible year that we could for our students.

So, where will the additional staffing be applied next year? The plan is to increase Phys. Ed back to a full time program. We will also ensure sufficient Learning Support coverage for all students that need support. Finally, we will see the return of a Literacy Support teacher in the building, which is wonderful. Overall, the increase in staffing will reduce pinch points throughout the school, to lighten the additional loads that many staff have carried.

What a relief to receive such good news as we begin to plan for next year. In the end, it is our students/your children who will reap the benefits. I think we would all agree that they deserve the best education we can provide. Oh, and did I mention that we will also see the return of Grade 2 swimming lessons next year?

With Gratitude,

Dale Martens

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